Trenorol vs Trenbolone | Which One Should You Go For?

Trenbolone is a very powerful injectable steroid commonly used by vets to increase muscle growth and appetite in livestock. However, it is frequently used by bodybuilders due to its effects on body mass and how it can aid in fat burning in addition to dramatic muscle growth.

Because Trenbolone is known as such a powerful steroid with serious possible side effects, it is commonly only used by serious bodybuilders with previous cycle experience. However, there is one alternative to Trenbolone that you can use, which is free of side effects, safe, and also legal. This is Trenorol by Crazy Bulk. Check out the following comparison between these two to find out which one you should use.


There are many powerful anabolic androgenic steroids at our disposal and many carry with them powerful characteristics but if there is one steroid that stands above the all the rest in terms of raw power it is without question Trenbolone. This is the main reason why this supplement is used by many bodybuilders throughout the world.

Benefits of Trenbolone

  • Is known for creating solid dry gains with a hard feel to the muscles – including increased definition usually only seen with compounds like Anavar.
  • It is highly androgenic as well as anabolic which explains the dramatic change in body composition of users.
  • It is unable to aromatize chemically – although it can still indirectly cause gynecomastia so precautions are necessary.
  • Some users report that cutting with Tren is easy in regards to diet, as results are still noticeable without having an overly clean diet. Of course, diet makes a big difference with any cycle.
  • This compound acts as a very powerful fat burning aid.
  • Trenbolone users report amazing strength and size gains while using this steroid. Especially when stacked with Testosterone.
  • Trenbolone can be used in both a bulking as well as a cutting cycle – depending on diet and what it is being stacked with.

Side Effects of Trenbolone

Some of the most common side-effects of Trenbolone are hair-loss, acne and high blood pressure; other common side-effects largely associated with anabolic steroids due to estrogen conversion such as bloat and water retention are non-existent here due to no aromatase effect; however, unfortunately we’re not out of the water. As Trenbolone does not aromatize many assume Gynecomastia is of little concern, this isn’t so. As a powerful Progestin this can lead to an even worse case of Gynecomastia but typically only in very sensitive individuals.

There is one side-effect that is absolutely guaranteed in all men who supplement with Trenbolone and it is natural testosterone suppression; of course this means shrunken testicles. Trenbolone will shut your natural production down and hard.


trenorol bottle

Trenorol re-creates the awesome androgenic effects of Trenbolone; probably the most versatile steroid of all time. Expect immense muscle gains, awesome strength and power, amazing physical conditioning, fast healing and everything else in between. Use it for bulking or cutting. Whatever you want, Trenorol delivers – fast. The manufacturers at Crazy Bulk created this supplement to provide the same benefits of Trenbolone but with completely no side effects.

Benefits of Trenorol

  • Boosts rapid strength and muscle gains in the body
  • Comes with a formula that assists in incinerating visceral as well as subcutaneous fat
  • Enhanced vascularity and amazing physical conditioning
  • Enhances nitrogen retention within muscle tissue so that protein synthesis can be increased significantly
  • Helps in promoting high levels of testosterone
  • It also has a fast acting formula for instant results
  • Promotes the hardening of muscle density as well as cuts with the help of lean muscle
  • Safe & legal Trenbolone alternative; no needles or prescriptions required
  • Shred fat without losing mass and gain super strength and stamina
  • Universally known to be the strongest anabolic that is available in the market today

Side Effects of Trenorol

There are no side effects to the product at all since it is made from 100% natural ingredients. Ingredients such as Nettle leaf extract and brown rice flour add to the natural flair present in Trenorol which makes it an extremely effective yet safe supplement.

Also, the customers should know that the product will not convert to estrogen and neither will it result in water retention. There will not be any toxicity to the kidneys or liver with this product. All of this means that you can achieve amazing results without having to undergo any kind of negativity with the supplement, something which is a great benefit if you compare it with the likes of the pure Trenbolone anabolic steroid which is filled with negative side effects.

Before And After Results

David Gained Muscle Mass and Lost Body Fat with Trenorol
Leo Sky Rocketed His Energy with Trenorol

Customer Reviews of Trenorol

We headed over to Crazy Bulk’s official website and saw this review left by one of the customers by Thomas from California:

“I remained 196 pounds but my arms gained mass to the point I now have stretch marks in certain areas as well as my muscles overall. Also I experienced a boost in energy. I originally only went to the gym once a day but after Trenorol I began going twice and waking up energized. 

Strength wise I was originally able to max bench 200 lbs I can now max 220 lbs. Also with more energy i get more reps and sets then usual

I would recommend this product to my friends actually I already have and I look forward to more experience with them. I would like to point out I have been on this product for only a month and have experienced good results.”

The Verdict

In the end, all we can say is that it is highly suggested that you stay away from Trenbolone due to its negative side effects and consider opting for the legal and safe alternative designed by Crazy Bulk, i.e. Trenorol.