Essential Muscle Building Foods Every Bodybuilder Should Be Having

When you talk about muscle growth, your food intake has a direct impact on your gains or losses. Training hard is not the only thing you need for packing on pounds of muscle. You diet plays the role of utmost importance in the whole of your bodybuilding program.

Essential Muscle Building Foods Every Bodybuilder Should Be Having

No matter how much effort you put into your workouts, if your diet is misled, you won’t be able to achieve the physique you desire. Mentioned below are a few essential foods for muscle build-up that are on every bodybuilder’s shopping list:


Yes, you need to keep far away from trans and saturated fats, but your body still requires omega-3, a great source of fatty acids that are essential in providing support to the muscle building process. Fish like tuna, salmon, sardines and trout are rich sources of healthy fats and proteins.

Salmon contains omega-3 fats as well as quality protein which are helpful in inhibiting the breakdown of muscle. It also enhances the anabolic capacity of amino acids.

Egg Whites

Egg whites are a powerful ingredient to fuel your entire day, not to mention, protein which can be obtained in one of the purest forms. Egg whites are an important part of every single bodybuilder and provide a 60:1 protein to fat ratio.

This power packed muscle building food is exceptionally rich in minerals and vitamins and contain only a few carbohydrates. Egg whites have zero percent fat and contain an abundance of protein perfect for the build-up of muscle in the body.

Lean Meat (Red)

Lean cuts of red meat and ground beef are very good sources of building body mass. Lean red meat is not only credited with B vitamins, but also contains zinc, iron and protein. This meat has a high serving ratio of calories for every serve which makes it the food of choice for those aiming to develop a serious gain from their workouts.

One thing to keep in mind is that red meats contain a lot of saturated fats. This is why their intake is not recommended on a daily basis, and should be incorporated into your weekly diet plan inclusive of other meats such as fish, turkey and chicken.


Water, the source of life, is an absolute essential for strength and stamina. Our tissue cells, ligaments and muscles all contain water. When you aim at building up a massive physique, your body needs to be hydrated and kept in a highly anabolic state. This is why bodybuilders are required to drink about 10 litres of water on a daily basis.

Water is helpful in transporting nutrients to the muscle cells in your body and also helps your muscles appear fuller.

Legumes and Beans

Legumes and beans, rich sources of nutrients, fibre and protein, are a core essential if you are a serious muscle builder. Fibre is great for the maintenance of a regular bowel movement and also has a good insulin response. These two things are exceptionally critical to the growth and development of muscles. They also aid in the usage and absorption of sports supplements and nutrients that are normally ingested by a large number of body builders.


Turkey and chicken breasts are an essential requirement in every bodybuilder’s diet. Not only do these lean meats contain top quality protein, they are remarkably low in trans and saturated fats. They aid bodybuilders in getting their required levels of proteins and provide a good dose of strength to the muscles in your body.

Whey Protein

Generally, bodybuilders use whey protein supplements immediately after working out, after they wake up, and also mix it with their meals. It is a good source of gaining muscle mass and pounds and helps keep your


Lentils contain carbohydrates with slow digestive qualities and are loaded with proteins and fibre. They are available in a variety of different kinds and flavours and can be easily cooked. They are a sure source of building and developing muscle mass and with all of the other qualities offered by this ingredient, make it an excellent choice of healthy eating as well.


In comparison with most of the other nuts, almonds are loaded with fibre and proteins in the highest amounts. They also contain high proportions of B vitamins that are crucial for energy metabolism, thus, making them the perfect ingredient for any kind of mass building diet.

Because they are filled with an abundance of nutrients, fibre and protein, they are excellent for repairing muscles that are worn out. In addition to this, they are also loaded with healthy fats which are helpful in satisfying hunger, providing energy, boosting cognition, and allaying in joint pain. These list of qualities make almonds the best snack before, during, and after hardcore workout sessions.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is good for muscle and mass build up for two main reasons. Firstly, it contains an abundance of casein, which a dairy protein known for its slow digestive qualities, making it good for the maintenance of muscles.  Secondly, they contain live cultures that are good bacteria which are helpful in breaking down and absorbing the nutrients essential for aiding you in getting stronger muscles.

A diet based on a careful selection of the right muscle building foods and supplements can positively impact your desires of achieving the body you seek to build. With all your hard core work workout and rigorous strength training programs, a diet rich in the ingredients mentioned above, can help you maintain as well as build your muscle and body mass.