The Comparison Between Dianabol And Its Legally Safe Alternative D-Bal

Dianabol is without any doubt known to be a power steroid in the world of bodybuilding, and it is known to have tremendous effects. However, the bad thing about the steroid is that the effects that it brings with itself are not all positive. Here are brief summaries of Dianabol and D-Bal and an explanation as to why you should trust D-Bal instead of Dianabol as an ideal bodybuilding supplement:

What is Dianabol?

Dianabol is a common oral steroid used by many bodybuilders. It is also known by its chemical names methandrostenolone or methanedienone. It is available in various generic and pharmaceutical varieties that include Naposim and Anabol.

Benefits of Dianabol

Increased Strength: Dbol (Dianabol alternative name) increases the strength of the body tremendously within a short span of time.

Enhanced Muscle Mass: Dianabol works to enhance the growth of the body and can result in a gain of equivalent to 20 pounds within a few weeks from even a modern dosage of the steroid. While a large portion of this weight gain will be lean mass, some of it will be water weight as well.

Increased Recovery: Dianabol usage helps in decreasing healing and recovery time of the body, thereby making sure that the athlete becomes more efficient overall.

Preservation Of Lean Tissue: Hard activity and training can greatly destroy an individual’s muscle mass. However, dianabol works to make sure that your body is able to protect itself under great stress.

Increased Metabolic Activity: With dianabol usage, more lean tissue and less of the fat is gained. This is due to the body’s enhanced ability to make use of calories in a better manner.

Side Effects of Using Dianabol

Most of the fitness enthusiasts of yesteryears used to depend heavily on anabolic steroids such as Dianabol itself. However, later on, we found out that these steroids had a significant amount of harmful side effects which is why almost all gym goers have stopped using them. Dianabol is no different. Some of the side effects of Dianabol include:

Gynecomastia: The biggest side effect of Dianabol is that it can lead to Gynecomastia, i.e. man boobs!

High Blood Pressure: Dianabol intake has a direct relation with increased blood pressure, which can lead to all sorts of health diseases.

High LDL Cholesterol: Low-density lipoprotein is the bad kind of cholesterol, and it can reach high levels due to Dianabol’s regular intake.

Liver Toxicity: Much like excessive smoking or alcoholism, Dianabol can have the same impact on your liver in the long run.

Testicular Atrophy: The testicles lose their size as well as functionality; another major side effect.

Testosterone Suppression: The main hormone in your body which aids in muscle growth can actually suffer from suppression due to Dianabol.

Water Retention: This means that there is an excessive (and abnormal) accumulation of water in the circulatory system which can lead to all sorts of health hazards.

 What is D-Bal?

D-Bal review

D-Bal is an alternative to Dianabol that has been manufactured by Crazy Bulk to help enhance muscle and strength of the body. It is an ideal solution for all bodybuilders who wish to increase their size, strength, and body without undergoing any negative effects of the supplement. D-Bal works with a powerful formula that no other muscle building supplement possesses.

D-Bal Benefits

  • Helps in boosting lean muscle mass rapidly
  • It is a safe way to increase the retention of nitrogen within the body
  • It consists of a highly potent and powerful formula that works to make sure the supplement takes action and produces results rapidly
  • It helps in enhancing overall strength and stamina of the body
  • Helps in increasing your drive and making sure that you are able to focus better
  • Helps in making sure that the blood flow within the body becomes sufficient during exercise
  • It is a completely safe alternative to Dianabol as it does not carry any side effects
  • It can be consumed orally on a daily basis without the need for injections, which is quite useful as compared to steroids
  • The facility where D-Bal is manufactured has been approved by the FDA
  • It does not cause liver toxicity nor does it increase the blood pressure of the body
  • You will start seeing results within the first two weeks of usage
  • The supplement is completely legal and pure in nature
  • You do not require any prescriptions for its usage

Another great thing is that the manufacturer of the supplement keeps coming up with amazing discounts and special offers that users can take advantage of so that they can save a lot of money in the long run. This makes D-Bal a highly affordable as well as a highly effective supplement, thereby making it a far better choice than Dianabol.

Final Verdict

As you can see, D-Bal definitely comes with a lot more benefits that its counterpart Dianabol. Additionally, the benefits provided by D-Bal are far more concrete and useful in nature that those provided by Dianabol.

You will also be able to notice that D-Bal is a completely legal supplement made from the most natural ingredients possible to give you a product that is free from any negativities or harm. Additionally, it has been manufactured within a facility that has been approved by the FDA itself. All of these benefits clearly show how safe the usage of D-Bal is. Meanwhile, Dianabol has numerous side effects to its usage, and it is always best to stay clear of such harmful effects.

Add to these the fact that the ratio benefits to side effects for Dianobol are almost equal, with the side effects being slightly more. On the other hand, the ratio of benefits to side effects for D-Bal can be 1:0, since there are no side effects to the supplement whatsoever.

The person shown in the picture below is Joey B. who has been an avid user of D-Bal and noticed results instantly. Notice how he was out of shape before and gained drastic strength and lead muscle mass within only four weeks. Additionally, no side effects were experienced by him, which was great.

Joey transformed his fat into lean muscle mass

This goes to show that you can transform your life completely by relying on only the most trustworthy names in the industry. Crazy Bulk is one such name that you can rely on since all of the products manufactured by the merchant are free from any side effects and made from 100% natural ingredients.