Can A Low Carb Diet Lead to Fat Loss?

Why Low Carb and Not Low Fat?

Low Carb Diet Lead to Fat Loss

It is likely that you are on the internet right now and looking for a 3 month fat loss diet plan. It is completely understandable why you think such a plan is the right way to fat loss. It is just that YOU ARE THINKING WRONG!

As this study (1) showed, when participants were kept on different diets, such as low-carb diet, low-fat diet and  Mediterranean diet, the results were straightforward. The participants who were on a low-carb diet showed maximum weight loss! While the low-fat diet caused a loss of 2.9 kg, the Mediterranean diet resulted in dropping of 4.4 kg. The participants who had been on a low-carb diet lost 4.7 kg!

But that isn’t all. The participants on diets other than low-carbs were also kept on restricted amount of calories. Both low-fat and Mediterranean diets had a limit i.e. men could consume 1800 and women could consume 1500 calories daily. On the other hand, there were no limits for the low-carb dieters. They ate as much as they wanted. All they needed to do was watch how much carbohydrates they were consuming. The amount of carbs could not exceed 20 grams daily.

Fat loss and low carb diet go hand in hand because the results of this study showed that as soon as the low-carb group increased its carb intake even slightly, their weights began to increase after the first few months!

Basics of a Low Carb Diet

It is rather easily grasped because going on a low carb diet means that you eat all kinds of foods, except for sugar and starchy ones. That means while you can enjoy butter and other natural fats, you can’t slather it on a piece of bread. Bread is out, so is pasta and rice. You can have meat, fish, eggs, and veggies growing over the ground. But you can’t have beans or potatoes. This fat loss diet for men is built on the principle that you don’t need to starve yourself. If you are hungry, go ahead and eat until you’re satisfied. Just keep the calories derived from carbs to a minimum.

Basics of a Low Carb Diet

Get the Carbohydrate Ratio Right

Carb sensitivity isn’t the same for everyone. Therefore, if your friend is trying this diet, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you two should be cutting back the same amount of carbs. An easier way to determine if you are removing enough carbs from your life or not is by checking your weight. When you find that it has started to plateau, it means the amount of carbs being cut out of your diet needs to go down even more! In most cases, less than 50 grams of carbs per day is sufficient. At less than 50 grams per day, you would be removing most fruits from your diet as well. Try to keep eating berries in small amounts because they are packed with all kinds of nutrients and antioxidants.

Keep checking your weight and if that doesn’t work either, then you might have to go below 20 grams. Just keep in mind that this should be temporary. That’s because you won’t be eating any carbs, just protein, green vegetables, and healthy fats. Therefore, you must return to 50 grams after some time.

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You Are Losing Fat, You Just Don’t Realize It

A quick belly fat loss diet involves understanding that weight loss isn’t linear. When we say that you should keep weighing yourself as you go on this diet, it doesn’t mean obsessing over it! If you weigh yourself every day, you might end up gaining more weight than losing it. One of the main causes why people will give up a diet includes disappointment over there not being quick changes in their weight. Try weighing yourself every day even when you aren’t on a diet and you will see what we mean. Your weight won’t be constant. On some days, it will be higher while on others, the scale would go down. Does that mean your low carb diet isn’t working?

Not at all! Instead of weighing every day, do so weekly. Then look for the general trend. It should be going downwards. If that is true, then the diet is working even if you can’t see it work! When you want to ascertain that the diet is working, there are other ways to do that. For instance, you can measure your waist circumference with the help of a measuring tape. Again, try doing that monthly, instead of daily. Take pictures and determine how you’re your clothes fit. Let the scale say what it wants to. You should be satisfied knowing the truth.

Keep a Food Diary

A good way of keeping track of what you are eating and how much of it is by keeping a food diary. A diary like that won’t just help you do the math. It will also help you to leave the unhealthy habits behind as far as carbohydrates are concerned. Track your calories, especially the amount of carbs consumed every day with the help of the diary.

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